About Raquel Pimentel

Born and raised in Mafra, Portugal, Raquel Pimentel is a communication professional, both verbally and in writing. Graduated at the University of Lisbon and University of Barcelona, currently studying towards a PhD, with interests in philosophy, nature, science and consciousness studies, the experience and capabilities of Raquel span across integrated digital communications spectrum covering, corporate communications, public relations and marketing.

She started her career with a demonstrated history of experiences in the media industry, for major companies and groups, some artists, sportsman, among others, and as a working student at TELENIMA. Since 2016, after completing her undergraduate programme, Raquel was promoted to Corporate Communications Manager and Press Officer in the same company.

Partner of major brands and entities, contributing significantly to emergencies, TELENIMA company works very closely with international (NGOs and intergovernmental) organization and institutions in combating the pandemic.

In addition to her activity of the communications field, Raquel regularly makes research in Communication and Media, Cognitive Psychology and Anthropological Linguistics and has published articles. The programs illustrate the power of strategic public relations planning and expert public relations implementation in changing attitudes and behaviors. His current project is Kinesics expertise in academic and professional contexts (Cycle 2016 of Communication Studies). This expertise project also aims to provide information and updated tools on scientific research methodology in nonverbal communication science. Cybersecurity is another very common theme.

Driven by her passion for loyalty, responsibility, talent and efficiency, Raquel works exceptionally well with business leaders that share her vision and values. In all cases, she knows that what is vital is never to forfeit her effort nor to abandon any of her functions for lack of reciprocity. Even more so, there is an entire universe beyond what we personally can peer into. In a parallel way, regardless of the normalcy or comfort where we usually choose our assortment of emotions from, to make growth conducive, we have to fully feel and control our inner struggles

Why a ​website and a blog…

A strong democracy relies on citizens having access to diverse and reliable sources of news and information so that they can form opinions, hold governments and individuals to account and participate in public debate. In addition, best defence is an engaged and informed public. 

In response to the increase in false, misleading and inflammatory disinformation published online and through social media, through his Official Website and WordPress Blog, Raquel Pimentel has made it a priority to help equip citizens with the tools and skills needed to critically assess online information.